House & Condo Cleaning

King Quality cleaning service company offers the best house and condo cleaning service based in Toronto.

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Move In & Out Cleaning

Move-in and Move-out can be a very stressful time for you and King Quality cleaning service is here to assist you not to think about the cleaning side of moving.

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Post Construction Cleaning

If your house needs post-construction cleaning, King Quality cleaning service company also offers this type of cleaning service.

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Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant cleaning is one of the most important tasks to do in today’s world because without sanitation and freshness customers would hesitate to come to your restaurant.

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Office Cleaning

King Quality cleaning service also provide office cleaning service with its experienced professionals. Office cleaning is an important thing to do in terms of providing a clean office environment for employers.

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Regular House Cleaning

The importance of regular house cleaning is increasing nowadays. We understand that not everyone has time to spend on regular house cleaning.

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Power Washing Cleaning

Power washing cleaning is the best method and service to wash and clean outside of your house. Power washing cleaning requires the best equipment, time, and experience as well.

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After Party Cleaning

After Party cleaning is a necessary task to fulfill before and after events. The size of the event area is not a big deal for us. Having experience in event space cleaning service, we believe in our work and professional team.

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Eco Cleaning

Eco cleaning service is very important for people and the environment that King Quality cleaning service company offers. We care about you, your house and our planet so that is why we offer green cleaning products.

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How King Quality Work Done For Customers


Contact and Consultation

The first step is to contact King Quality Cleaning Service and provide them with information about your cleaning needs.


Schedule and Arrival

Once you have agreed on the cleaning plan, they will schedule a cleaning appointment that fits your schedule.


Cleaning Process

Their professional cleaners will start the cleaning process based on the customized cleaning plan created for you.