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Post Construction Cleaning

If your house needs post construction cleaning, King Quality cleaning service company also offers this type of cleaning service. Have you done any type of improvement or construction work in your house? Do you need to clean all dust and messy situations? As the best cleaning service in Richmond Hill, we are one call away to handle your house cleaning. We will make your house homestead after having a construction project. You do not need to spend your precious time to clean all things after construction. Let us clean and make your house fresh with our professional experts who approach post construction cleaning neatly and professionally.

What We Offer

Post-construction cleaning requires a professional approach because after construction there is a messy environment in the house. As well as cleaning, your house also needs some freshness after it. What we do:

  • Clean windows and doors
  • Remove debris, dust, mud and other types of substances
  • Dusting all around the house including rooms, corners, doors, tables, windows, furniture, sofa, chairs, TV, chandelier, cupboards, and others.
  • Cleaning every room including kitchen such as appliances, counters, sink, etc.